Local Love

Local Love: Joe Ley Antiques

As odd as it may sound, I first heard about Joe Ley Antiques on a day trip to Nashville. My friend and I were browsing an antique store there and struck up a conversation with the owner. When he found out we were visiting from Louisville, he raved about his most recent experience at Joe Ley. I knew then that I had to put it on my must-see list.

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It’s an odd beginning for the tale of an odd place. Housed in a three-story historic building located in NuLu, this could better be described as a museum than a shop. Upon entering, the first thing you might notice is the unique pricing system, which doesn’t exactly require an expert cryptologist, but also isn’t something I’ve ever encountered previously. (I don’t think I’ll spoil the surprise – you’ll have to go see for yourself. It’ll be more fun that way.)

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I ventured here with my mom on her most recent visit to Louisville. Inside we wound our way through the many rooms that house anything from furniture, to old beer bottles, to vintage jewelry. Some of the most interesting things we saw were old carousel horses, a suit of armor, and several mannequins, some of which were a little creepy. I gravitated to the old postcards, as I always do, stifling my concern for the invasion of privacy in order to get a peak into the words real people wrote to one another.

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