The Heart of Giving

One of the best experiences I had in Honduras this past February was getting to interview the children. As the only bilingual gringa in the group, I was tasked with sitting down individually with the children to interview them and record their responses in English.

Not every sponsor gets the opportunity to travel to visit these children, and so they rely on the information from these interviews, as well as cartas, those ubiquitous little handwritten notes, to get to know them.

Throughout interviewing the kids, I found out that most young boys dream of being futbolistas and la pizza is a favorite food of all. Many of their favorite movies were American. These answers came as no surprise.

What did surprise me was the eloquence with which the children answered other questions, like “What do you think love is?” A hug, a kiss, helping family members, playing with friends, God…

And what caused my heart to swell larger than life was their response to the question, “If you could be famous for one thing, what would it be?” The majority of children answered that they would want to be known not for their own athletic or even academic talents, but por haber hecho algo grande. For doing something great, something good, for other people.

Honduras is a very poor country, and one that faces continuous challenges both domestically and in its relations with surrounding nations. I recently listened to a podcast that discussed some of these issues, including violence and migration, and it broke my heart. (I encourage you to take a listen.) Yet, these children that I work with, compared to the vast majority of children in Honduras, are well-off. This is due to the generous giving of their sponsors and others interested in the cause of Friends of Honduran Children.

This April, Friends of Honduran Children is holding a virtual gala. If you would like to learn more about the cause, please visit their website.


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