Waffle Workout Wednesday

Today is Wednesday, which means a few things…

1) We’ve made it half-way through the week. 2) It’s Hump Day and I always teach Camel in my yoga classes because I’m funny like that. 3) As I’m borderline obsessed with running, I like to give my training a pick-me-up mid-week by pronouncing the day “Workout Wednesday,” an ode to Flotrack, and I do occasionally do my speed sessions then.

Today, however, I treated myself to a five mile trail run through Cherokee Park. It’s sunny with a high of 75 degrees today. Ahhhhhh….

As if the day couldn’t get any better (insert drumroll!)

It’s Waffle Day!

Well, technically, it’s Waffle Day in Sweden. American Waffle Day is in August, but, in the name of global relations and culinary excellence, I think we’ve all agreed to celebrate twice.


I made my favorite Kodiak Power Cakes and topped them with almond butter and real maple syrup. Thank goodness Waffle Day comes around twice a year.

What is your favorite type of waffle? What do you top them with? If you’re into running, what’s your favorite workout?


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