Triple Crown: Rodes City Run 10K

This past Saturday I ran the second leg of the Louisville Triple Crown of Running, the 10K.

I’d only run one other 10K in 2012, when I was in my peak racing condition pre-injury, and despite being unfamiliar with how to race this distance, I loved it. The weather was perfect – in the 40s and sunny – and I really enjoyed the course. Particularly the third mile that went through my neighborhood and was all downhill. I didn’t nab a new PR, but I came very close and I’m proud of my effort.

What I’m even more proud of is this story that has been circulating the internet since then. In short, a woman who was struggling to complete the race was helped, hand in hand, by a LMPD officer to the finish line. With all the violent stories surrounding police officers in our country in the past year, my heart is so warmed by this act of compassion.

As for my personal celebration, a race day wouldn’t be complete without a post-race meal, and I was lucky enough to have my mom in town. She, Nick, and I went to El Mundo and dug into chips, dips, and burritos.

Digging into the Dipity Doo
Digging into the Dippity Do

I can’t believe I’m less than two week away from the final leg of the series. I’m itching to lace up my running shoes and get out there on the course!


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