Job Love

This morning after teaching yoga, I joined a friend for coffee. In our conversation, I gave voice to the thoughts that have been at the back (and sometimes the forefront) of my mind in the past year. I said, “I love what I do, but…”

One of the things that I’ve set my sights on this year is to become more comfortable with my job(s). The feelings of discomfort that I experience usually come up when I meet someone new and they ask me, “What do you do?” I find myself feeling the need to justify my choice to nanny and teach yoga, as if I have to communicate that what I do is meaningful.

The truth is that we do not need to find validation for our lives solely through our work life. I do not need to justify my existence with my job. My value is not measured in my salary or the number of hours that I work.

Doing yoga with some of the teens in Honduras
Doing yoga with some of the teens in Honduras

I gain fulfillment in life by serving others. I am fortunate to have two jobs right now that allow me to accomplish this. By feeling fulfilled through my work, but also through other aspects in my life, such as my relationships with others, I gain happiness, joy, and contentment.

Sometimes I need to say these things out loud, over a cup of coffee with a friend or even on this blog, in order to remind myself that at this moment, by the grace of God, I have everything that I need.


Photo by Kathe O’Neil


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