Mizuno Wave Riders

Let’s talk shoes.

I’d been running in a new pair of Mizuno Wave Inspire 10s since the start of the year, but recently I’d been experiencing some pain in my left arch. I tossed around some ideas with runner friends who confirmed my thoughts that maybe my shoes were to blame. The shoes I was wearing had too much stability control for me, a runner who doesn’t have a problem with over-pronation.

In the running world, it cannot be stressed enough how important the proper shoes are. Each runner has a different foot, stride, and gait that all come into factor when selecting a shoe. Without the proper shoe, a runner might experience not only pain, but injury.

I went to Blue Mile and explained my dilemma to the saleswoman. She selected a few pairs that she thought would be better for me. I tested each pair out on the treadmill, using one shoe of each pair to do side-by-side comparisons. I finally selected my favorite: the newest Mizuno Wave Rider. I guess old habits die hard.

My Mizunos after their first run, a 6 mile fartlek (yes, that is a funny word)
My Mizunos after their first run, a 6 mile fartlek (yes, that is a funny word)

Side note: I love Mizuno. The first time I tried on a pair I felt like I was walking on a cloud. I trained for my first, second, and third, half marathons in Mizuno Wave Riders.

Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced runner, it is always advisable to get fitted for the best shoe. If you’re in the Louisville area, here are a few stores that can help you out:

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