Snow Days and Scrabble

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Hers: latte His: steamed milk

Overnight, the snow fell. Boy, did it fall. We got almost a foot here, and the county to our south got double that. It seems like everyone had a snow day. Even the mall closed, which surprised me, because retail hardly ever likes to take a hit like that. Luckily, Day’s Espresso and Coffee was open for business.

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We spent a lazy morning in our pajamas. Nick’s “spring” break came to an early start, but ever the diligent student, he had his notes open. I, on the other hand, had a book, coffee and hamantaschen in hand (yes, there was some juggling.) Both of us got to snuggle up with the cat.

Yet, by lunchtime we got a little restless, and so decided to trudge over to Day’s. Really, with the absence of ice, the sidewalks are mostly shoveled/swept (yep, with brooms.) It felt so good to get out of our apartment, even if we were only a few blocks away. We played a few games of Scrabble, in which we suppressed our competitive natures and didn’t keep score. Not to toot my own horn, but I had some pretty good words, like throne, fauna, and hamantaschen (kidding on that last one.)

If you’re bogged down by snow, how have you been spending the past few days? Are you enjoying time at home, or are you getting a slight case of cabin fever?

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