Yes, I am Catholic, but I don’t think that should preclude my baking of Jewish pastries. Ever since Molly Yeh posted her recipe last week for halva & jam hamantaschen, I have been making eyes at these beauties daily. With Purim starting tonight, and the latest winter storm keeping us snuggled up inside, today was the day.

In fact, despite the weather, I’ve been productive today. I taught my regularly scheduled yoga class this morning, which turned out to be the last class of the day, before heading to the gym for my own workout. Then I got the message that U of L was closing early and Nick would be heading home. I made a quick stop at the library; some people stock up on milk, I stock up on books. By early afternoon, we were hunkered down in our apartment.

As a Chicagoland native, I do find the reaction to snow here a little humorous. I remember rarely having snow days; we usually had to have more than half a foot falling at rush hour to cancel. Just a few inches can shut this city down; even the anticipation of snow can cause schools to close. To be fair, though, this weather is unusual and so Louisville isn’t exactly equipped to clear the roads, particularly when it’s icy. Ice is a whole different beast.

Ok, back to hamantaschen and Purim. If you know the story of Esther in the Bible, you get the idea of what Purim is about: the deliverance of the Jewish people from imminent destruction by the Persians. If you ask me, Esther was pretty bad ass. Someone else must have agreed, because they invented hamantaschen just for the occasion.

Catniss checking out my evening snack
Catniss checking out my evening snack

For inquiring minds, here are more facts about Purim and its pastry, as well as non-traditional takes on the recipe. I filled some of mine with halva spread & raspberry jam, like Molly, and others with peanut butter. I just couldn’t resist.

If you want to enjoy these same flavors faster, spread some halva & jam on toast!


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