Local Love

Local Love: InterconnecTED

On Saturday, February 28, TEDx at the University of Louisville hosted an event entitled, InterconnecTED. If you aren’t familiar with TED talks, you are missing out on so many “ideas worth spreading!” TEDx events are independently organized int he spirit of TED, and as a huge fan of the online videos, as well as the TED Radio Hour podcast, I registered for this event the minute it went live.

The speakers and volunteers receive a round of applause
The speakers and volunteers receive a round of applause

The theme of all the speakers was, of course, our interconnectedness, within the categories of Sustainability, Discovery and Dynamism. We heard from individuals from diverse fields and disciplines, including artists, biologists, and family therapists.

The speakers that I found the most engaging were the ones that addressed their topics in relation to not just the global community to which we are connected, but within our local community as well. These talks dealt with such ideas as shaping the density of a midsize city in a way which best utilizes space and creates walkable communities; the openness and communal participation in civic data to grow civic engagement; and the ways in which makers can join together in a community to create new ideas.

Those attending the event, both the speakers and the audience, exemplified the message of interconnectedness; that each individual brings something unique to the communal table and can spark an idea through a new way of thinking. I guarantee that I’ll be one of the first to register for the next TEDx event at U of L.


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