Barleans Hot Cocoa

This morning we woke up to negative windchills here in Louisville. I was actually pretty confident that schools would be canceled, that we could stay in bed late (well, maybe 8:00), and that I would be making waffles because that is what I’ve always done when school is canceled. Alas, nothing has been canceled and so the waffles will have to wait.

Instead, life moves on. It still seems too cold to do anything much productive. I drove to the gym this morning because I thought to myself, “It’s below zero outside? Sounds like a good day to cross train on the stationary bike. Inside. With a good podcast.”

That has been the theme of the week: inside. I did run outside when it got above freezing earlier in the week, but since then I’ve stayed inside. It helps that we got a new (well, new to us), free treadmill. If anyone has advice on how to decorate around exercise machines in a small apartment, please let me know.

Now, I’m dressed in multiple layers of wool, sitting on the couch with my first book of 2015, a kitten on my lap, and a cup of cocoa. (Side note: I will always think of Catniss as a kitten even when she is old and cranky.)

Processed with VSCOcam with t1 preset

This cocoa couldn’t be simpler or better for you. It’s made with Silk unsweetened vanilla almond milk, and Barleans Chocolate Silk Greens, which packs nutritional punch that is especially helpful during cold & flu season, not to mention seasonal depression. A cup of this cocoa also only has 55 calories so indulge away! I secretly wanted to put coconut whipped cream on this.

Ingredients: 1 cup Silk unsweetened vanilla almond milk + 1 scoop Barleans Chocolate Silk Greens

Directions: Heat the almond milk on the stove over medium low heat. Whisk in the Barleans when warm. You’ll know when it’s done because it starts to get swirly. Enjoy in your favorite mug.


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