Holiday in the Sun

After almost two weeks away from home, I’m finally getting back into my regular routine. I didn’t realize how long we were gone until we got home yesterday. After spending Christmas Eve and Christmas with Nick’s family, we all headed to Fort Myers, the same place where Nick and I spent our honeymoon a year ago.

While last year we spent most of our time lounging by the pool (and recovering from the wedding) this year we were more adventurous. We ran most days, took stand up paddle boards and kayaks out onto the lake, and explored a few new places.


Of course, we also sat on the beach, enjoyed good food and drink, and watched plenty of football.


For our anniversary Nick and I went back to Sanibel Island. This year we rented bikes to explore more of the island. This was an excellent decision and I would highly recommend it for anyone spending a day or two there. Besides, everyone looks cute riding a bicycle with a basket on the beach.

In our first year of marriage, Nick & I visited the Atlantic, the Pacific, and the Atlantic again. Whew!

Of course we had to stop at Pinocchio’s. (Fun fact: their only other location is in Greenwood, IN, just outside Indy, where we went to Butler, but we’ve never been there.) Our excuse was that we did not have our year-old, frozen wedding cake with us. We both enjoyed heaping scoops of Sanibel Krunch before they melted.

Fast forward to New Year’s Eve, and the whole family flew down to Key West. None of us had been there, and without knowing what we were getting ourselves into, we wanted to check it out.


First was the Southernmost Point, where I begged everyone to stand in line with me for a picture. Then we walked up and down Duval Street, looking for a place to eat. I had wanted to check out Blue Heaven based on many recommendations, but they had special hours for the holiday. We ended up at Sloppy Joe’s, which has the same old bar food you can find anywhere, but whose claim to fame is that it was Ernest Hemingway’s haunt.


After a little more walking, I decided it was time to get my key lime pie. I got a slice to go from Key West Key Lime Pie Co.


I couldn’t have asked for a better vacation. We had beautiful, sunny, warm weather every day, and we found the perfect balance between relaxation & activity. Even Catniss loved Florida!

But now we’re back in Louisville, it’s 20 degrees, and our Christmas tree is still up…I guess it really is time to get back into the routine!

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