A Look Ahead

The new year is fast approaching, and it’s as good a time as any to bring some new things to the blog. I’ve done some reflecting in the past few weeks about some changes or fresh ideas I can bring here.

Taking care of business at Day's Espresso & Coffee
Taking care of business at Day’s Espresso & Coffee

One things I’m excited to do is introduce serial posts. Some of my favorite blogs post their weekly wardrobe or meals, or links to outside content that they want to share. I suppose this creature of habit finds the regularity of these posts comforting. One series that I’d like to begin is a “Shop Small Saturday” post where I write about local institutions that I enjoy, like restaurants, shops, and small businesses. I think this would also bring a deeper aspect to the idea behind this blog, my life in Louisville, Kentucky.

What else would readers want to see? More posts about what I cook and eat? Recipes? My workouts? The books I’m reading? More about yoga? Other posts or articles I enjoy from around the internet? Product reviews?

I won’t (likely) be posting throughout the holidays. We’ll be spending Christmas with family, and then leaving for a week in Florida. We’ll spend our first anniversary in Fort Myers, where we honeymooned.

Happy Holidays!


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