28 Memories From Our Wedding

Nick & I got married on December 28, 2013 in Indianapolis, Indiana.

1. The rehearsal dinner at Harry & Izzy’s. I had the most delicious Tuscan pizza. They accidentally brought us extra desserts, too.

2. Sleeping over at my bridesmaid’s house the night before the big day. I’m probably the only bride who insists on taking the couch.

3. Drinking hazelnut coffee at Panera downtown Indy for breakfast. Not too much, though!

4. Getting my hair curled in the salon with my girls. So much hair spray!


6. My aunt bringing us Le Peep sandwiches to eat in her suite at the hotel. I know some girls tell me they’re too nervous to eat before the wedding…not me.

7. Realizing I had no idea how to do my makeup. Luckily my best friend from high school, one of my two bridesmaid’s, had me covered. My mom was a life saver, too.


9. This being played by our pianist, my friend, Mike, when I walked up the aisle.

10. Asking Nick why he looked so serious. He told me he was nervous. I said, “Nervous! About marrying me?” “No! About being in front of all these people!”

11. Father Jeff Godecker, our officiant, giving the truest homily. It was a blessing to have him preform our wedding ceremony because he actually knew us.

12. Feeling like time was standing still as I married my best friend for life.

13. Taking a lot of photos after the ceremony. Luckily, our photographer knew what he was doing and moved us through all the posed pictures with family quickly, even the one with all of Nick’s cousins. We also took a few photos with the wedding party outside of the church.


15. The limo ride back to the hotel for the reception. At once I was full of life and completely exhausted.

16. Taking photos outside in downtown Indy, because it was sunny and 50 degrees, something we had not anticipated for late December.


18. Waiting in a private room for all the guests to arrive so we could begin the reception. My brother broke a shoe lace. One of my bridesmaids got a nosebleed right before our introductions. Fortunately it all went uphill from there.

19. Cutting the cake with my new husband. Everyone was shocked that he actually ate a piece – Nick has never been known for his sweet tooth. It was a small cutting cake, chocolate with peanut butter frosting, and absolutely to die for. We had yummy cupcakes for our guests later. They all came from Gigi’s Cupcakes.


21. My brother-in-law giving his short and sweet toast. He kept a brother, and gained a sister and a cat.

22. Our song. Neither of us are great dancers, but naturally we had fun anyway.


24. Dancing to the song my dad picked out, which was a winner.

25. Nick got to dance with his mom, too.


27. By the end of the night, we were exhausted and so ready for our honeymoon in Florida!





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