Bad Yogi Holiday Party

Do you remember when I first mentioned my admiration for Erin, the Bad Yogi? Well, it hasn’t died down. Somehow, I think she would have approved of the little holiday get-together I went to with some of my fellow yoga teachers this weekend.

The party was hosted by my beautiful friend, Gina. In addition to being a yoga instructor, she also styles hair and makeup. No wonder her house is perfectly decorated, and the appetizers (read: my dinner) were gorgeous.

Gina getting ready to plate my cookie contribution

I love cheese & crackers. Especially with red wine. It’s one of my guilty pleasures in life. After an afternoon workshop on back bending in the bow spring method, I was pretty hungry, as were my fellow yogis. Bad yogis run from the studio to the wine & cheese faster than you can say “Chaturanga Dandasana.”

All the cheeses that Gina picked were wonderful. My favorites were the brie en croute with apricots, and the rosemary asiago (like this one) that went so well with the savory crackers. Over the course of the holiday parties I’ve attended in the past few years since becoming an adult (read: of legal drinking age) I’ve come to better define my taste in both wine and cheese. For some helpful tips on creating the perfect cheese board, check out this post from Emily at Cupcakes & Cashmere.

What do yogis do after the wine glasses are empty and there’s nothing but crumbs on the plates? Well, a few of us are participating in a #shareyouryoga Instagram challenge through the Baptiste institute, so we had to capture a few poses with one another. Picture a bunch of giggling yoga teachers trying to maneuver into yoga poses on the stairs.

Tell me, what are some of your favorite wine & cheese pairings? What are you serving or sampling at holiday parties this season?



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