December Goals

Well, this is it for 2014. These last few weeks will bring a fantastic year to a close. There are a few things I want to accomplish before the New Year.

First things first, I want to put up our Christmas tree. It’s the small 4′ tree I used to have in my bedroom as a little girl, then in my college dorm room, and now in my first married home. Nick and I have collected ornaments with the year on them since our first holiday together, and I can’t wait to add this year’s.

Even though yoga has done wonders for my strength & flexibility since my bout of injuries, I joined a local gym, Highland Fitness, so that I could lift weights. My muscles are more toned because of yoga, but my legs (and arms) lack the muscle mass that I used to have. I hope that by gaining some of that muscle back I will be a faster runner, a stronger yogi, and finally correct the imbalance in my leg muscles. Having a treadmill when the weather stinks isn’t bad either.

This month I have committed to give a lot of my time, all to things I am passionate about. I’ll continue teaching yoga classes to children associated with a local housing corporation. I will also be assisting a few more Free Yoga Fridays at the Kentucky Center and the Muhammad Ali Center before the holidays. I’ve volunteered to bake for a number of events through our church. Combined with the holiday parties and family gatherings, there’s something going on almost every day. What I really want to focus on is being present in those moments. I want 100% (ok, 99%) of my attention to be in the moment, not on what ingredients I need for Christmas cookies, or whether or not I have enough room in my suitcase for two swim suits. Presence has been a theme in my life this year. It’s a constant practice.

lululemon's seasonal campaign
lululemon’s seasonal campaign

I especially hope that my husband, who is ridiculously busy this month with final exams and the first round of his board exams, and I will carve out special time for one another. This is our last month as “newlyweds,” and on the 28th we’ll celebrate one year of marriage. I want to find as much love in the little moments as possible. ‘Tis the season.


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