Turkey Trot

It’s hard to pick my favorite Thanksgiving tradition, but my hometown Turkey Trot 5K ranks up at the top. When I was in high school, my friend and I volunteered to hand out snacks to the finishers (and perhaps had a cookie or two ourselves.) Once we were in college, and we both got more into running, we signed up for the race. I’ve run it every year since 2010.

Pre-race, 2010
Pre-race, 2010

It’s flat, but not exactly fast because of the 7,500 registrants; to get a PR you have to start out front.* It’s festive, with lots of families wearing costumes, including pilgrims and turkeys. It’s usually pretty cold, and has sometimes snowed.

Post-race, 2012
Post-race, 2012

Tomorrow it should be sunny and in the low 20s at the start. Brrrrrrr! This is the second year I’m running it with my husband. For something different, our plan is to simply enjoy the race, however that happens to turn out. Unless of course the race is going really well, in which case I will gun it.

Picking up our swag at Naperville Running Company
Picking up our swag at Naperville Running Company, 2014

*In 2012, I did get a PR because the weather was favorable, I started closer to the front, and I was a beast at dodging people along the route (weapon: elbows.)


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