If I Could Have Another Job

…I don’t know what I would pick. Throughout my life, there have been so many jobs I’ve dreamed of having. I still day dream sometimes about other jobs, even though I love what I do. I’ve gotten to a point where I don’t envision a single career for myself; I guess I don’t want to feel limited. A few of the jobs I do day dream about, though, are:

  • Travel writer or TV show host. Before we had cable, I grew up watching Rick Steves’ Europe. I love traveling, and I love writing & photographing. I have kept a travel diary from my various trips to Europe and Honduras. How wonderful would it be to get paid to do that?
  • Baker. I love baking. I love giving my baked goods away to others. In this day dream, I’m not nearly as busy or messy as real bakers probably are.
  • Professional runner. This is a complete day dream, because I am not nearly fast enough. But, heck, isn’t that what day dreaming is for? Imagining what it could be like?

It’s been very interesting musing over this theme, because in the end, I have still decided that I love what I am doing, and wouldn’t trade it in right now. But, who knows what the future holds?


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