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Birthday No. 24

I love my birthday. I love it not so much because all the attention is on me, although it is nice to receive well-wishes, but because it’s cause to celebrate. It’s an excuse for me to treat myself, to do something(s) special. It’s also as good a reason as any to get together with friends. I try to prolong my birthday as along as possible, making it more of a week than a day.

While a 24th birthday is not a major milestone, I have really enjoyed it. The festivities began on Monday, the day before my birthday, when I went on my 24 kilometer adventure. The weather was perfect; sunny, clear, and ranging from the low 40s to the low 50s throughout my run.

Cherokee Park around 1K
Cherokee Park around 1K

I put my mind to it and ran the whole thing, briefly stopping twice to refuel. 24k is about 15 miles, which is the farthest I’ve ever run by about 1.5 miles.

Runner's high!
Runner’s high!

After finishing, I savored a hot shower, but made myself keep moving so that my legs wouldn’t cramp up. I decided the perfect mission would be to return to the new Lululemon store to pick out a birthday present for myself after having received a card & gift from my Nana. I tried on several pairs of pants, which was a huge mistake, because I couldn’t make up my mind. I loved them all.

Wunder Unders looking good with my birthday boots (from Nick)
Wunder Unders looking good with my birthday boots (from Nick)

I ended up getting the Wunder Unders, and a pair of the Ebb to Street pants.

Pre-dinner Warrior II. You can tell my legs are still tight from that run!
Pre-dinner Warrior II. You can tell my legs are still tight from that run!

Although I wasn’t as ravenous as I expected to be (“runger” has a way of catching up with me hours later) I couldn’t stop thinking about the vegan chocolate chip cookies from Whole Foods after reading Jen’s blog post that morning. Lucky for me Whole Foods was on my way home from the mall…

Life is about balance.
A friend told me I should have had 24 cookies

This cookie inspired me to head home and work on the mini cupcakes I planned on bringing with me to the studio on my birthday. I used The Breakfast Drama Queen’s recipe and they turned out fantastic! I didn’t have powdered sugar for the frosting (oops!) but did add in some PB2, because I love chocolate & peanut butter. Since I had also made some full-size cupcakes for at-home enjoyment, I sacrificed a little taste test.

Not pretty, but very tasty
Chocolate for days

After such an active morning, Nick offered to take me out for my birthday dinner that night. I picked El Mundo based on the recommendation of a friend. We were not disappointed! I ordered the tamales, and Nick had a vegetarian burrito grande.

Paused to photograph before devouring
Paused to photograph before devouring

As it happened, I had to work on my birthday morning. I tried to think of the 4:45AM wake up as a chance to enjoy more of the day. In fact, my actual birthday was much more relaxed than the day before. I spent most of my time reading well wishes on Facebook, responding to texts from friends, and talking to my parents, who both called. My birthday is a day to be especially grateful for all the friends I’ve had through the years.

In the afternoon, after an early wake up, I indulged in a birthday nap. In the evening I went to the yoga studio, and shared the mini cupcakes I baked (Claudia, they were a hit!) before coming home for more baking. Our neighbors came over after dinner to share some of the Gooey Pumpkin Spice Latte Chocolate Pudding Cake I’ve been eying for a while. It tastes as good as it looks; I didn’t even get a picture before we dug in.

My plan is to ride the birthday happiness wave until we get closer to my all-time favorite holiday, Thanksgiving!


What’s your favorite way to celebrate your birthday? Do you have any special traditions, or is it different every year?



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