Mudslinger Trail Run

I spent this weekend running (sometimes literally) around three different states. On Saturday morning I hit the road to Nashville, TN with another teacher from 502 Power Yoga. We attended a fundraiser for Joined Forces Yoga before coming back to Louisville the same night. (I’ll probably post more on that later.) Today, I was up early again so that Nick & I could get to southwestern Indiana for the Mudslinger Trail Run. It was my first trail race, and even though it was really fun, I learned a lot too. A few notes about the race…

We would have been hard pressed to ask for better November racing weather; it was in the low 40s and sunny. I was really happy with my choice of windbreaker over a sports bra and tights. However, I have no idea why I wore cotton socks instead of my wool Swiftwicks…my feet were numb for the first mile, which was on road where I should have been able to go faster. However, while some people (like me) love racing, there is more to a trail event than speed. I found out in the last couple miles that there were stretches, like up steep ridges and across streams, that I would have to walk along with everyone else. I got a greater sense of camaraderie from this race than any road race I’ve done. In the end, we finished under 44 minutes, which I think is pretty good for the terrain, and got to enjoy hot chocolate at the finish line. I would definitely do this race again, or maybe the half marathon, next year…


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