When I worked a 9-5 (which is really 8-5, ugh!) job, I would stop at Starbucks in my way into the office to reward myself for getting through the week. When I taught Title I part-time, I didn’t work on Fridays, but I was always glad for them. I think the value of Fridays depends on your job. When I sat at a desk 40 hours a week, Friday at 5PM felt like a miracle. Now that my life isn’t ruled by data management, Quick Parts, or the 800 emails in my inbox, Fridays are just different.

In fact, most people might think my Fridays are rather disappointing. I don’t usually work on Friday, so I have the whole day free. It’s usually my rest day for the week, so to keep myself occupied and moving, I try to do the laundry and clean our apartment (emphasis on try…) Then, in the evening, my husband and I do our grocery shopping for the next week. It might sound a little domestic, or even boring, but we are happy to just relax together.

Today, actually, is out of the ordinary. This Friday I’m out & about! Sometimes it’s nice to break out of the routine.

This morning I went for a chilly, but sunny, run through the park because I’ve got my first trail race on Sunday! (I found myself running amongst the U of L women’s soccer team, with their coach driving next to the pack playing music, so that was interesting…)

At noon, I assisted at Free Yoga Friday, which is held alternately at the Muhammad Ali Center and the Kentucky Center. If you’re local or in town this fall, I highly recommend checking it out. It’s FREE.

Not a bad place to put your mat
Not a bad place to put your mat

Today is also the grand opening of the new lululemon athletica store in Oxmoor Center. One of the studio owners at 502 Power Yoga is a new ambassador. I stopped by to congratulate everyone involved in the store’s opening on their hard work (their little showroom closed just a month ago.) I also tried on some Wunder Unders

Like the Kentucky bourbon barrel?
Like the Kentucky bourbon barrel?

And, yes, I’ll go grocery shopping with my husband after dinner (when I’ll pick up the ingredients to make myself a birthday cakeor two…more to share, right?)


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