November Goals

Goal #1: Put away my shorts and tanks, bring out my sweaters, and finally accept that the warm weather isn’t coming back until next spring.

Goal #2: Go on some kind of 24K adventure for my 24th birthday. As I explained in my post on fall running, I’m not sure exactly what form this will take, but I’m jazzed!

Goal #3: Commit to being a positive role model for the kids to whom I’m teaching yoga. This one is a little more abstract, but it’s always been important to me to be conscious of this when working with children. It’s also important that we have fun!

Goal #4: Do not overdress for the Turkey Trot 5K. Every year, I end up roasting by the finish line.

Goal #5: Finish my 50th book for the year. Right now I’m working on #47.

Winston via Huff Post
Winston Churchill via Huff Post


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