The Perfect Autumn Day

Today was practically perfect in every way. For one, it’s Saturday, one where I don’t have yoga obligations and my husband has a long weekend from school. The darkness and cold of this morning made it ideal for sleeping in under the warm covers. I’m pretty sure it also demanded strong coffee and pumpkin pancakes, the simple recipe for which I’ll post soon.

Chilly but cheery in the orchard

After our leisurely morning, we headed out to Huber’s Orchard & Winery in southern Indiana. I have really fond memories from growing up of visiting apple orchards with my family, and then bringing the bounty home to make applesauce and pies. I had gone to Huber’s for the first time with a friend two weeks ago, and was really anxious to bring Nick. I can’t get enough of it. Since it was 90 degrees on Thursday, and I was sipping Schlafly’s Pumpkin Ale al fresco, I wasn’t quite prepared for the crisp temperatures today. Actually, crisp doesn’t begin to describe the cold, blustery wind that blew in 40 degree temperatures, but we were enthusiastic enough that we ventured out to pick apples anyway.

Picking some apples with his long arms

On my previous visit, the “apple wagon” took us to a bunch of puny trees, from which I got several small Cameo apples. Today, to my delight, we were taken to a different group of trees, where we picked massive Winesap apples. Even though they are huge, when you pick your own at the orchard, they are really cheap. We got one dozen giant apples for just over $8.

Reliving my childhood

Admittedly, my fingers were a little too cold to want to explore the pumpkin patch today, but we did check out all the gourds and squash that were for sale in the farm’s store.

Gourds galore
Gourds galore

On a whim, we stopped by Mt. St. Francis on the way home, and I snapped a photo of a great statue of Francis of Assisi. Later in the day, I found out that today, October 4, is his feast day. I knew there must have been a reason I felt drawn to check it out.

St. Francis of Assisi, one of my favorite saints

In the afternoon, I went on my first run since the half marathon a week ago. While I don’t necessarily enjoy taking a week off, it’s something I’ve started doing after each half marathon because I know it’s a really good opportunity for my body to recover from hard training and racing. Anyway, the sun was out and I had an even better, faster, four miles than I anticipated. I finished at the park where Nick and a friend were playing tennis. Soon it was time to hustle home for dinner…

Does one drink apple wine out of a red or white wine glass?

We I also brought home a bottle of the wine of the month, Spiced Apple, which I hoped I would like…and I do! I had a glass with the butternut squash chili I made tonight, the recipe of which is also coming soon. Now, I snuggled up under a blanket, ready to dive back into The Pillars of the Earth.

So perfect.

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