Mill Race

What a weekend.

It was like I came full circle, from this June when I had my first weekend of teacher training at 502 Power Yoga and the Indianapolis Women’s Half Marathon, to running the Mill Race on Saturday morning before rushing back to take my final exam. (More on yoga later.)

I guess this summer’s motto was just, “Go big or go home.” I wouldn’t have had it any other way.

The Mill Race was special because it was the first half marathon that Nick and I have run together. We now have a combined 10 under our belts.

Finishers' swag
Finishers’ swag

When we were in college, running together was an excuse for Nick and I to hang out alone, before we started dating. We even set up our first date after an afternoon run. He’s been there for me, stride for really long stride (he’s 6’3″) ever since.

I mean, you’d have to really love somebody to wake up at 3:45AM with them to drive an hour in order to run 13.1 miles. And we do, and we did.

Overall, we enjoyed the race. We had the perfect day: cool morning with partial clouds and no wind. The course was blessedly flat, which is a complete change from the hills we run in Louisville. We decided to stick with each other, and I was so fortunate to have his presence when things got tough. Between miles 4 and 6, I just felt awful. My legs hurt and felt tired, and I had no idea how I was going to make it through the remaining miles. Having Nick beside me kept me going until I found my rhythm; then, we were rolling. Usually at mile 11 I start to psych myself out and really have to push, but we both agreed that we each probably had the strongest finish we’ve ever had in a half marathon.

Running through Mill Race Park. Taken from the website's gallery.
Running through Mill Race Park. Taken from the website‘s gallery.

And yet, I don’t really know my finish time.

As much as I enjoyed the race, it wasn’t without its problems. Last year was its first year in existence, and I heard that many runners got lost because the course wasn’t well marked. While officials were able to avoid that this year, there were other issues, the most terrible of which was a train. Within the first couple miles, the route crossed some railroad tracks. That’s just a bad idea to begin with. I was told by a representative that they had worked extensively with the railroad company, yet that did not ensure that a train didn’t come through. Nick and I were stopped by the train for at least a minute, but others barely got over. You can see some photos courtesy of the Indy Star here.

Nick and I also don’t believe our posted results are accurate. Here’s where I write a little in the technical terms of running. The time posted online was the clock time when we crossed the finish line, meaning that that was the amount of time elapsed since the gun went off at the start line. However, we did not actual start when the clock started, because the race had a wave start. We started in the second corral, meaning we crossed the start line several minutes after the first group. Therefore, as any runner or logician knows, we actually had a faster finish than what the clock read at the finish line.

I’m in the midst of an email conversation with the race company and the timing company, but to be honest I’m surprised that I am pretty okay with the situation. In races past, I would have exploded and probably acted like the world was going to end if I didn’t have my official finish time. However, I’m taking the attitude that 1) The officials say they are looking into it, 2) There’s nothing I can do about it, and 3) This was not going to be a PR and there will be other races.

Oh, yes, there will be other races.





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