SimpleRealJoyful September

Somehow, August is over. I don’t know how, but the month slipped past me. Maybe I didn’t see it sidle in as we returned from vacation, or didn’t notice it slowly sneak by with back-to-back yoga teacher training weekends, or perhaps I didn’t see it quietly fade away with the holiday weekend. Yet, I’ve woken up to the reality that we’re already several days into September.

Despite the fact that the girl I nanny for is back in school, and that I saw a few leaves changing colors on my run today, I won’t admit that summer is winding down (if not over.) The hot, humid weather that appeared at the end of August helps my case. Personally, my summer just doesn’t feel complete yet. For one, for the past three years, I’ve run my fall half marathon over Labor Day weekend; this year, I’m not running it until the end of September. I also began teacher training in June, and won’t finish until that same weekend in September. My summer won’t be over until those are over.

Yet, that’s the mentality I’ve had lately, waiting for these things to be “over.” It seems that each day I put in the work, but only so that I’m one day closer to the last weekend in September.

This past weekend I took my steely gaze off the finish line for a moment. I watched Nick, in the pouring rain, cross the actual finish line of the Heartland Half Marathon. We enjoyed good food, good wine (for me) and good conversation with his family following the race. We all got to have lunch with my mom the following day, and I loved having her stay with us until this morning. I savored the moments with those around me, trying not to think about what I “should” be doing out on the roads, in the studio, or with studying for my certification.

It’s time to reset. For the month of September, I want to live with more intention. For me, that means leaving things in their own time and place, whether that be a training run, a practice teaching session, or an evening out with friends.

I am using the #SimpleRealJoyful photo-a-day challenge to kick start this. About a week ago, I saw a tweet from Larabar inviting individuals interested in yoga, Instagram, and their products to contact them. Of course I sent an email right away…long story short, I agreed to faithfully and enthusiastically participate in the photo-a-day challenge, and as a thank you I am receiving a box of Larabars, the flavor of which I got to request (Chocolate Coconut Chew!) I’ll make a post with my photos at the end of the month, but in the meantime, check out the challenge here and get going!


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