Gift of a Gift

Unlike many couples, or even individuals, our age, my husband and I are not very good at spending money. The only shopping we do on a weekly basis is for groceries. We eat out usually less than once a week, and often we use gift cards or Groupons when we do. We almost never buy alcohol, on which we’ve seen our friends spend a lot of money. Nick’s half of the closet consists of scrubs, T-shirts that his mom accumulated racing in the 90s, athletic shorts, and a few pairs of khakis. The item of clothing I most recently bought new, at full price was…my wedding dress. We don’t have cable, or a DVD player, or Netflix. Most of our recreation includes running, walking, biking, reading and taking naps on the couch, all of which are essentially free.

Sometimes we surprise ourselves. Back in May, Nick ordered me a variety pack of Picky Bars so that I received some “fan mail.” This past weekend we went with some friends to see The Giver IN THE THEATER. We bought tickets to see Ben Folds with the Louisville Orchestra next January. Still, we’re not very good at treating ourselves.

Today, I received a gift. It is like the gift of a gift. My friend, whom I had been talking to about wanting a massage, bought me a Groupon. She said, “I got the feeling you were never going to do it for yourself.” She was right. I am so touched by her thoughtfulness, and so excited to treat myself with her assistance. I’ve booked the massage for the Monday following the weekend that I graduate from teacher training and complete my seventh half marathon!

I enjoy giving gifts to people that they wouldn’t buy for themselves. I hope I can pay this gift forward, maybe to my partner in crime, my husband…

“A society grows great when old men plant trees whose shade they know they shall never sit it.” Greek proverb

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