Goal Digger

I’ve mentioned before that as part of the yoga teacher training program I am in, we are encouraged to spend time setting goals. And while I do believe in the power of setting goals, and have posted about concrete goals I’ve worked toward this year already, I felt a little stuck.

Using the goal setting worksheet provided by lululemon, I’ve been pondering the following three areas of my life: career, health, and personal. As someone who strives to integrate the aspects of my life, rather than constantly switching hats from one situation to the next, these designations seemed both ambiguous and confining. I spent weeks confusing myself over whether the goal “I will run a new personal best time in the half marathon by the end of 2019,” should fit into the personal or health category. Finally, today, I realized, these are MY goals, and they are what I make of them. I have the power to choose because I am the one setting the goal, I am the one doing the work, and I am the one that will put a check mark next to it when it’s completed. When I realized that, I felt empowered.

Several people have told me that they admire me for knowing what I want and getting it. This has taken me by surprise, but after thinking it over, I see what they mean. I usually have a clear vision of what I want to do (graduating college early) or what I do not want to do (attending graduate school.) If I put my mind to accomplishing a goal, I do it. Or, if the goal is not meant to be accomplished, I set new goals. (Read more about the positives of failing in this lululemon blog post.)

That doesn’t mean setting and realizing goals is always easy for me. I aim to get laundry done every Friday morning; sometimes I do it and sometimes I don’t. On a grander scale, I struggle with making career goals. If I’m to be completely honest, I don’t truly want a career, at least not in the traditional sense; not in the way that my husband wants to work as a dentist until he retires. I firmly believe our work is something that we do, not who we are. Through this goal setting work, I’m beginning to see that my “career” goals are just stepping stones to refining my values, vision and mission.


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