The fourth week of 40 Days to Personal Revolution focuses on restoration. It is meant to include the fruit fast, which I completed a little early (kind of like everything else in my life…) and is intended to be a time for participants to slow down and enjoy simple pleasures. Sounds great, right?

Wildflowers of Springbrook Prairie. I miss the smell of honeysuckle here!
Wildflowers of Springbrook Prairie. I miss the smell of the honeysuckle here!

Well, on the first day of the week, the brakes in my car went out while I was driving. It was almost paralyzing, and my first reaction should have been to completely lose it but…

I’ve been practicing equanimity, learning to be less reactive, calmer and more level-headed.

So, I steered the car off the busy road (the intersection of Lexington/Frankfort/Shelbyville for you locals) and cruised to a stop in someone’s side yard before throwing on the parking brake. Looking back, I’m not sure how I managed to keep my cool when I stepped out of the car into mud wearing sandals, waited an hour and a half for the tow truck, and then watched a woman run her car straight into the tow truck. I didn’t get frustrated that my run got pushed back later in the day or that I missed hanging out with friends. I just accepted these things as they were. I guess this is where the practice pays off.

Apart from that first eventful day, my week was restorative and just what I needed. Last Wednesday, 502 Power Yoga held its first Yoga on Tap event at Great Flood Brewing Company to raise money for Community Living, Inc. A bunch of yogis, including Graylin, got together to practice and have a pint (or two, or more.) It was fantastic!

My two weeks of vacation then began on Friday. I woke up early for 6AM yoga, where I got to watch the sunrise while doing Sun Salutations (yep, that’s cool), and then enjoyed reading a book over a latte before hitting the road with Nick for my hometown. The last time we were both there was last Thanksgiving, so it was a much-anticipated trip. We ate at some of our favorite restaurants, ran my old route through the prairie, and just had a really good time visiting my mom, dad and brother.

Running on the crushed limestone path was restorative for my body and soul.
Running on the crushed limestone path was restorative for my body and soul.

While it’s tempting to interpret restoration as a time to be lazy, to me it’s a time to spend my time doing things that feed my soul, like visiting family, volunteering, running, reading, and baking. Of course, I’ve also budgeted plenty of time for daily naps, relaxing poolside, and snuggling with my kitten.

What are some things you do to find restoration or relaxation?



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