Biking the Big Four Bridge

Last fall, Nick and I decided it would sound really bad ass to say that we’d biked from our apartment in Kentucky across the Ohio River to Indiana. Of course, people make this commute every day, but do they put it on Instagram for their out-of-state friends to marvel at?

My face in this photo belies the terror of moments before. It turns out that the sidewalk along the Clark Memorial Bridge is very narrow, and on a bike the guardrail comes about waist-high. I remember not being able to look behind me, shouting to Nick, and when I couldn’t hear a response, being certain that he had fallen into the Ohio.

Okay, maybe that was an overreaction, but nonetheless I am thrilled with the opening of the Big Four pedestrian bridge that connects Louisville to Jeffersonville, IN. Contrary to what Nick suggested, the bridge was not named after LeBron James, Dwayne Wade, Chris Bosh, and….some other player from the Miami Heat. (Sorry, NBA joke.)

After a yoga pit stop, we rode on over to the other side on the 4th of July. The bridge has a bike lane down the middle, and two wide pedestrian lanes on either side. It’s luxurious. The classical music playing through speakers along the way only confirms this. I felt like I was in a movie.

I’m grateful that Louisville is becoming more pedestrian- and bike-friendly. Nick and I decided to ride our bikes as much as we could this summer to save on gas. He estimated that he saves about $1 each time he bikes to school, and I save about $0.50 each time I bike to yoga. It’s added up pretty fast – we had saved enough to treat ourselves out to a nice dinner with friends last week. Another great feature is that we’re not pumping more pollution into our city, which already has a pretty bad heat island effect.

I’ve still got to make it to the bridge another time this summer to cross off an item from my bucket list, to run from Kentucky to Indiana and back. I have a feeling that sunrise would be a beautiful time…

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