On Friday morning, Nick and I got up early to go on a run together before he headed off for the day. It turned out to be incredible, breathtaking, and invigorating. Nick captured a moment in this photo…

Turns out, it was very popular on Instagram and Facebook. One friend told me that when she first saw it, she thought it was a motivational poster from one of the running pages she follows.

If I were to make this a motivational poster, it would be about confidence. Yesterday I completed my second weekend of yoga teacher training, and through reflection and meditation, I committed to a new way of being, one of confidence.

I’ve kept an article from Runner’s World open on my computer for several weeks now. It really spoke to me, particularly at this time in my life when I am grounding myself in positivity. On a basic level, it is a solid lesson for runners, or any athlete. But, on a greater, human level, it can speak to all of us.

“But years of research shows that the mind can override the body—that fatigue, more often than not, is a product of perception rather than true physiological depletion. ‘Fatigue is simply a sign that you need to put your mind on something positive,’ Kamphoff says.”

Yoga teaches that. We focus on our life-giving breath to sustain a physical practice. In fact, this article includes many lessons I’ve learned through yoga, including presence.

‘”If you focus on results, you take yourself out of the now,’ says Stan Beecham, Ph.D….’And it’s the now that allows for the results later.'”

As I’m learning, this mental toughness, this confidence, doesn’t come in a moment, in a day. It’s a practice, like running, like yoga.

“‘The longer you’ve thought a certain way, the deeper the mental grooves,’ he said. ‘It takes time to change those patterns.'”

I got a chance to practice on Friday. And throughout the weekend. And I’m committing to practicing confidence, and growing through it.

Even if you are not a runner or a yogi, I’d recommend the article, because its essential points can be valid to everyone, just fill in the examples with your own pursuits, your own life.




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