40 Days to a Personal Revolution

Yesterday, I began 40 Days to a Personal Revolution, a program laid out by Baron Baptiste, the creator of Baptiste Power Vinayasa Yoga. I’ve been eager to go through this program since I first read through the book when I signed up for teacher training.

Throughout the next 40 days, I’ll be practicing yoga, meditating, examining my habits, and keeping a journal about any questions, realizations or observations I may have. The book outlines suggested yoga practices, meditations, and questions of self-inquiry which I, along with the other amazing individuals in the program at 502 Power Yoga, will use. I don’t want to go into this program with a set agenda, but I hope to come to know myself a little better and find some room for change and growth. I plan to write a reflection once I’ve completed the 40 days, and maybe a few updates along the way.

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More on Pinterest

I don’t think it’s a coincidence that the first week’s focus is on Presence, a goal I’ve already begun working toward, little by little. Here’s a short meditation that Baron offers on presence.

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