San Diego

As temperatures skyrocket and wildfires rage in San Diego this week, I feel gratitude for the fact that I’m now home in Kentucky. A week ago, Nick and I had woken up before dawn to head to San Diego. As we headed south, we saw the stars of the valley – the lights of houses dotting the foothills.

We headed first to Coronado Island, and arrived just before 7:00AM, when many people were just waking. I had come up with the idea that we should take our weekly long run as a tour of the island, and had found a route mapped by a local runner online. Our run took us along the Bayshore Bikeway, past a park, the golf course, resorts and residences, and, best of all, the beach. Coming into view of the ocean, I realized that Nick and I have already been to both the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans in 2014, since we’ve been married.

I’m married to my best friend. He’s the one I most love my spend my time with, whether we’re sitting on the couch watching Cosmos (which we do every Sunday – we don’t have cable TV) or traveling across the country.  We often get asked why we’re married so young; it’s hard for me to explain, because it just seems natural. Why wouldn’t I want to be married to my best friend for life?

One of the perks of being married young without yet having a family is that we get to spend this time together. On our trip to San Diego, we were in complete control of our schedule, which actually meant being flexible and open.

After finishing our run – one of the most scenic of my life – we grabbed water, snacks and sunscreen at the car. Where to next? We decided to drive back onto the mainland and check out Balboa Park. I know I’ve been there as a wee one, but I have to admit I don’t remember what I did there (sorry, family!) It was such a beautiful day that all we did was walk around the park, enjoying the weather, the architecture and, of course, the flora and fauna.

After not too long, our stomachs started to grumble, begging for authentic Mexican sustenance. We checked out Maria’s, a local restaurant whose food was on point (I can recommend the vegetarian burrito.) That lunch got us in the mood to go exploring…so after driving around the city a bit more, we headed, where else, but to the border. We got out at San Ysidro to gaze at Mexico; it feels weird seeing Mexico so close, but still sensing that it is so far away, knowing that a physical and mental border divides the land.

When our time was up in San Diego, we hit the road again, but on a whim stopped at Lake Elsinore. I’m sure I’ve driven past this lake shuffling between my grandparents’ house and aunt’s house when she lived in San Diego, but I never noticed it before…probably because as a child I was either a) napping, b) playing my Game Boy Color, or c) fighting with my bother and cousins.

I know we often believe that seeing the world through children’s eyes is refreshing, but seeing it through adult eyes can be exciting as well. All the beauty of southern California that went largely unnoticed by my young eyes, I’ve become mesmerized by in recent years. That’s one reason Nick and I are such a good match: we both value and appreciate the intricacies of nature. I’m grateful that I met my husband while we’re so young (and relatively free) because we’re able to explore and grow together like this.


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