Nerd Alert

Confession: I’m a huge nerd.

Is that really a confession when it’s apparent? Is it a secret, when I spent all of yesterday nerding out?

I like to think I’m a somewhat well-rounded nerd, though, with more than one subject causing me to widen my eyes, inhale deeply, and word vomit.

As  I said I would, I went out on an absolutely perfect morning to watch the Kentucky Derby Festival Marathon. We live not too far from the final miles of the race, and so after semi-precise calculation of when the leaders would arrive at the designated spot, Nick and I hopped on our bikes to go become spectators. I was in total awe as the leader came by – after more than twenty miles of running, he still made it look easy. He went on to win with a time of 2:17:54, or an average of 5:15 per mile, which is totally incomprehensible to me. (To put that in perspective, though, the current world record is 2:03:23, held by Wilson Kipsang Kiprotich of Kenya…but there I go nerding out again.)

Nerd alert
Nerd alert

Later that same afternoon, this sometimes-historian went to Locust Grove. (I flew solo as Nick had to study for his upcoming finals…what a nerd.) A classmate of mine from Butler, who also graduated from the History program, works there and gave the tour. While Locust Grove is important to Louisville because its founder, George Rogers Clack, lived there, it has housed some pretty important national figures as well. I was pretty excited to have walked on the same ground as Aaron Burr, John James Audubon, William Clark and Meriwether Lewis. (By the way, William was George Rogers Clark’s younger brother. I guess adventure ran in the family, as they both were pioneers in American western expansion. Oops – sorry, there I go again!)

Do you think Andrew Jackson would have taken a selfie at Locust Grove if he had an iPhone?
Do you think Andrew Jackson would have taken a selfie at Locust Grove if he had an iPhone?

I’m both an athlete and a book worm. I can tell you about all about my favorite professional runners, I eye the stride of every runner I see, and I keep track of all my training. Equally, I can talk about art & literature over the centuries, I often paraphrase American history, and I’m constantly making trips to the library for more  books. These are two parts of a whole, and sometimes they coincide. In college, on long runs by myself, I would compose pieces of my research papers in my head. Or, on runs with Nick, we would practice speeches or dialogues for our Spanish classes. Does it get much nerdier than that?

But, you’d probably be lying if you said you didn’t have a passion like that, too. What is it that you go nerdy for? (Don’t be shy, you can actually post a comment here, and I will read it, and I will be so happy, and I will write back to you!!!)



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