Identity Crisis

Ever since I’ve moved to Louisville, I’ve been undergoing a minor identity crisis.

A year ago, when I told my friends and family that Nick and I would be moving to Louisville, many asked how I’d like living in the South.

“Excuse me,” I’d say, “Kentucky was part of the Union.”

But, I’ve had my doubts that our commonwealth is part of the North. To determine exactly what region we do live in, I’ve gone so far as to consult Wikipedia. The page for Kentucky says that it is part of the “east-south-central” region. Uh, what? It has a “humid subtropical” climate. Well, that doesn’t sound like the Midwest…

Since I’ve been here, I’ve come to realize that maybe this Midwestern girl did leave her home behind. While people are friendly here, it’s not the friendliness of the Midwest that immediately welcomes newcomers into the community. They do, however, speak of Southern hospitality here. The pace of life is certainly more easy than where I grew up in Chicagoland, too; maybe that’s why it’s taken a few months to be adopted by our community. Just in the past few weeks, several members of our church have approached Nick and I to express their pleasure that we’ve joined the parish.

So, I think we’re beginning to settle in. We’re learning the twisty interstates and the roads that were in no way laid out in a grid. We’re also picking up on the local identity. When people ask where we live, I wouldn’t just say, “east of downtown.” I would tell them we live in the Highlands, in Cherokee Triangle. Yes, people know exactly where our neighborhood is, and that’s comforting to both parties.

This past weekend, Nick and I participated in the event that kicks off Derby season, Thunder Over Louisville. It’s an outstanding day-long airshow and fireworks display that attracts locals and visitors alike. We had a great time hanging out by the river with our friends on a warm, sunny day (now I believe that we live in a “humid subtropical” climate.)

Just a few feet from the Ohio River, front & center for the show
Just a few feet from the Ohio River, front & center for the show

While we won’t be around for the Kentucky Derby this year, there are many more local events I’m looking forward to in the coming months, including the Cherokee Triangle Art Fair.

Ok, so I may not live in the Midwest anymore, but that’s ok. It’s exciting exploring a new city. I’m really beginning to love Louisville, and look forward to the rest of our time here, however long that may be.


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