Cooking With BFG

In college, our friends affectionately called my husband, Nick, the “BFG,” except unlike the Roald Dahl character, the “F” did not stand for “friendly”. Knowing college boys, you can guess what it stood for.

His roommates also joked about his cooking “weird” foods like quinoa, narrating, “Cooking With BFG,” while they were in the kitchen. In truth, Nick was the only guy at Butler I knew who cooked quinoa, but that made me like him all the more. Before we even began dating, when we were still in the “friend zone,” I made a guest appearance one evening to make a quinoa tabbouleh.

Now that we’re married, Nick spends a lot of time in the kitchen. While he does all the dishes, he also regularly helps me cook. Sometimes, he gets really enthusiastic about his creations, such as the “concoction” he invented earlier this year that he now brings in his lunch every day: peanut butter, honey, cinnamon, ground walnuts, ground flax seed, cacao power and oats. (It’s like a no-bake cookie in a jar.)

This morning at breakfast when I was complaining that I had almost finished our jar of Dark Chocolate Dreams (a Valentine’s Day present from Nick), he suggested that we try to make our own version.

As a future dentist, Nick is super-conscious of sugar. To make our version of chocolate peanut butter, we stuck with two ingredients: Whole Foods’ 365 Organic Smooth Unsweetened Peanut Butter, and Navitas Naturals cacao powder.

Taste testing
Quality control, obviously

I melted the entire jar of peanut butter on the stove, on the lowest heat. Then I stirred in three tablespoons of the cacao powder. It’s not sweet, but it’s got a hint of chocolate. You could probably add some sweetener to the recipe to suit your taste.

CPB - chocolate peanut butter

I also decided to whip up a jar of chocolate almond butter, because it’s a rainy day and what else is there to do?

(To be honest, I still like Dark Chocolate Dreams better, but that’s probably just my sweet tooth talking.)

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