Summer Bucket List

Amidst the swirling snow and ice of winter…and spring…Nick and I have developed a bucket list of things we want to do this summer, when the weather is hopefully accommodating. What we have been dreaming of is as follows:

Go to the Louisville Zoo

We might have a tough time agreeing on what to see, as my favorite animals include zebras and giraffes, while Nick favors alligators and tortoises (gross!)

Hike at Jefferson Memorial Forest

After hiking here for our anniversary last September (that’s our “dating” anniversary, not wedding) we have been constantly talking about coming back to hike the 6.7 mile Siltstone Trail out and back one day. We’ve even planned which snacks we want to take with us; if you know us, this shouldn’t surprise you.

Run a half marathon together

While Nick and I will both run half marathons this summer, I in June and he in August, we picked the Mill Race in Columbus, IN in September to be the one we (finally) do together.

Visit my Nana

As my 92-year-old maternal grandmother was unable to attend our wedding, Nick and I are making a trip out to California in May for her to meet him. I haven’t seen my Nana since Christmas 2011, so I’m very excited to see her. I’m also looking forward to showing Nick around beautiful southern California. We’re planning on going on one of my personal “rave runs” through Claremont, and hope to visit San Bernadino National Forest, and/or San Diego.

A view of the mountains from Claremont
A view of the mountains from Claremont

Visit my family in Illinois

Even though Louisville is only a couple hours further away from my hometown than Indy was, the now five hour drive is not one I’m likely to do just for a weekend visit. With limited time off from dental school, we’re keeping an eye for free time in both our schedules to make the drive.

Visit my family in Atlanta

We were surprised a couple months back by a quick visit from my aunt, uncle, cousin, and cousin’s girlfriend. They invited us to come down to visit them this summer, where we can spend some time together outside by the pool. Last summer I drove with my my mom and brother from our hometown to Atlanta, and it was a long trip. Since Louisville is about halfway, I know the drive this time would feel like a breeze.

Find a 25 mile-or-so bike route

While I lived with my in-laws, Nick and I would sometimes go for long bike rides along the back roads when he visited. For my 23rd birthday we biked 23 miles around Dubois County, IN. We’d like to find another scenic route closer to our new home, perhaps along the Louisville Loop that is currently under construction.

Use the new Big Four Bridge

This is a pedestrian and bike bridge that connects Louisville and Jeffersonville, IN. I can’t wait until it’s completed (come on, Jeffersonville, get going on that ramp!) so that I can say I ran across the Ohio River from Kentucky to Indiana and back. Sounds pretty cool, right?

The Louisville ramp of the bridge is open
The Louisville ramp of the bridge is open

Run the cart path at Cherokee Golf Course

I have a thing about running on these paths. Ever since Nick took me for a run at the course where he used to work, I’ve found cart path runs entertaining. Better yet, you can run in the grass along the cart path, for a softer surface. Cherokee Golf Course is connected to Cherokee Park, which is just out our front door, so it’s oh-so tempting.

Go to Louisville Bats games

Growing up in Chicagoland, where there are not one but two MLB teams, it’s weird living in a city without any major league sports. However, I’ve heard games at Slugger Field are fun, and Nick and I want to go at least one, maybe against the Indianapolis Indians.


What’s on your list of things to do this summer?








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